Ode to my pc… and thank goodness for books.

I have to get caught up on a lot of shows. Downton Abbey, Revenge, Homeland… Plus I’m falling behind with Supernatural, The Mentalist…

Alas my tv show viewing has stalled as my desktop pc has finally died. After 5 years, a few OS re-installs, a RAM upgrade and a trip to Papua New Guinea and back I think it’s done pretty well. A few days ago I went to re-start it because things kept freezing and now whenever it boots up it goes straight to system restore. And none of the system restore options have worked. So I think it’s time to call it a day.

Problem is I can’t afford a new pc. Yeah, they are getting pretty cheap these days, with laptops brand new from $350, but I can’t spare that right now. I have car rego due in a fortnight, a car service approaching which I am sure will have to include getting my brakes done. Plus the whole saving for two weddings, one of them in Fiji later this year. So until I can save up some spare cash, I’ll be using the computers at the hostel and the uni labs.Probably just as well with uni starting up again soon.

In the mean time I have been powering through reading A Song of Ice and Fire. A quarter the way into A Dance of Dragons. Once done I have The Silver Lining Playbook and Anna Karenina on my e-reader. I’ll probably go looking for the ASOIF novellas too. Have toyed with doing Robert Jordan’s Ring of TIme series now that its completed. I am worried though that it will pale in comparison to ASOIF. Only one way to find out.

What books are you reading right now?