Yay for new beginnings!

I’ve got a job! *happy feet shuffle*

Yesterday I interviewed for an Assistant Accountant position for a large shipyard and 2 hours later I had the call offering me the position. 😀

I thought it was a good sign when she pulled the GM in to meet me towards the end of the interview. Plus, turns out my interviewer (i.e. my new supervisor, the Financial Controller) knows my current supervisor (that’s how small Cairns is). In the interview I had said I would give 2 weeks notice as a courtesy to my current supervisor, but when she called for my reference my current supervisor said a week’s notice was more than enough. So yeah, starting the new job Tuesday next week. I have the impression they really want me with end of financial year approaching.

I’m sooo happy I got it – it sounds like exactly the job I need at this stage of my ‘career’. Plus, after 3 months probation I’m permanent which means I get leave entitlements finally. And there is opportunity to take on more responsibility over time because my new supervisor said she will need to start delegating down as the company directors want her in a higher duties role.

So YAY all round. I don’t have to worry about spending anytime unemployed, which was a possibility after my contract end date on the 29th June. I’m so grateful and thankful.

Now. Here’s to hoping I can cram enough to pass this Tax Law exam tomorrow night. Gah!!!


Knowing what you want shouldn’t equate to picky.

An aside on the job-hunt front.

My landlord upstairs knows I’m job hunting and keeps telling me to apply for positions at her work because she thinks I’m perfect for them. I’ve been non-committal. She works at a job services/placement agency (JSA) i.e. they are paid commissions by the government to place unemployed people who are on social welfare into jobs.

To be frank, I know that, no matter how good she believes I would be good at the job (and I don’t think I would be), it is not a job I want to do. I don’t think I’d be suited to it because it’s dealing one-on-one with people, the majority of which will range from apathetic about getting a job to hostile towards a government agency that they believe is failing them.

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On the (job) hunt.

So I’m on the job hunt at the moment (temp contract not being renewed and all). Really I should be focusing on my final tax exam this coming Wednesday, but no, I’m procrastinating on that so I’m setting myself up for ridiculous pressure and stress over the next few days…

Anyway, regarding the job hunt – I’ve applied for a few jobs. Two with mining personnel supply agencies. These I’m not really banking on much because they would require relocating. But I thought I’d give them a go. Another two I’ve applied for I’m really hopeful for.

There’s one as a billing & recharge clerk at an oil & gas exploration company. The position seems right up my alley as it’s reconciling historical project costs and investigative accounting. Add that it is a multinational organisation (albeit a relatively small one) which suggests to me there is room for progression if I get in. So yes, keen on that one. Sent in my resume on Wednesday after talking to the lady doing the hiring (I hate calling about job ads – never really sure what to ask and feel like an idiot as I end up um’ing and ah’ing a bit). They are looking at the applications next week and interviewing not long after that.

Now the other one, is an accounts assistant at a large shipyard and slipway company. The job covers a variety of tasks, many of which I have experience in AND it asked specifically asks for experience in an accounting software that I have been working with daily for the last 6 months. My mum found the ad. Thank goodness as I think I’d be awesome for it.

Anyway, I sent my resume in late Wednesday… and got a call first thing the next day. Yup, I have an interview this Monday. Fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes crossed they like me because I really want the job. I think it has the potential to give me heaps of experience in accounting/finance, beyond accounts payable. Like getting into reporting etc.

So yeah. *Hopeful* 🙂

ANZAC Day 2012

I slept in. My reasoning was I have uni all weekend and I won’t get to sleep in again until next Saturday.
I woke up thinking I should go to the march. But it was a bit late for that. And I feel a bit guilty about it all because it is a significant day.

My mother lost three uncles, two in Papua New Guinea, where she is now living. Her father and other uncles also fought in WW2. This day is really important to her and thus its important to my brothers and I. I think of my grandfather, who I vaguely remember from when I was a toddler. I think of the hardships these men would have gone through fighting in the jungles of PNG, how foreign and alien the place would have been for them when they first arrived.

At least one of my mother’s uncles was never found. Neither had a grave.

Today my brother went to the dawn service in Port Moresby, the PNG capital. At the Bomana War Cemetery he found their names amongst the sea of headstones.
My mother was in tears when he sent her the photos. I feel teary too. It’s a weird mixture of sadness, happiness and completeness.

Lest we forget.

Bomana's Graves

Bomana's Graves (Photo credit: kabl1992)

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I’m currently having a run of stuff-ups at work. I had the
responsibility of timesheet entry and leave management handed over to me a few weeks ago. First up, it took me a good 2-3 weeks to get my head around what this entails and understood exactly what I had to do on certain days etc. But then!! Then, Easter happens. And we have ANZAC day next week. And these holidays just throw a spanner in the workings of the usual deadlines. So, while I think I’ve got a handle on all the changed deadlines, I keep finding, or have pointed out to me, all this silly mistakes I am making. ARGH!!!

Those out there who know much about me, know that I am a perfectionist of the highest order and whenever I make the smallest mistake, I beat myself up to the N’th degree.

I am getting better though. Instead of dropping the ball, I’m learning to juggle it a bit and get it back under control. 😛

Anyway. I need to pay my flist some attention. I’ve been reading posts from my flist on my mobile because I haven’t taken the time to sit at my computer. And commenting or replying to posts is rather cumbersome on my mobile.

I haven’t hopped on my computer much because I’ve been hooked in by The Voice. Yeah. It’s been years since I watched Australian idol, and I have no interest in Australia’s Got Talent, largely because I’m not a fan of the judges. The only other reality show I can watch is Biggest Loser and even that I don’t go out of my way to catch every episode. I end up losing interest by the time it gets to the pointy end of the competition. But something about The Voice made me check it out Sunday night. And I’ve been well and truly hooked. Love Joel and Keith, Seal I’m unsure of (loved him back in the day but I think he may have an inflated sense of his relevance these days), and Delta is doing herself no favours. And she’s sooo skinny!!! How does that girl not blow away when a fan is switched on?!

Uni on a Saturday

Otherwise known as, “why oh why do they have block subjects?”

Yep, stuck in a 9-4 class today AND tomorrow. Best bit? It also has a Friday night class. Yes I was here last night too.

Luckily there are only two more weekends like this and they’re not consecutive. So next weekend I get my weekend. Yay. In the mean time, lots of coffee.

Also, I am the extreme minority when it comes to having a laptop. In a data analysis/technology class. The lecturer actually asked everyone to bring them in today. I fail because I refuse to go further into debt for another piece of technology when I have a desktop at home and a smartphone.

Do you do your 8 glasses a day?

If it’s recommend that a person drinks ~2 litres of water a day… then how did people go, say, over 100 years ago? I manage to get in around 8 glasses of water a day, but then I’m pretty much always sipping away. I’m thinking that would have been difficult in the days before bottled and/or plumbed water. And even more so further back in time when bathing in a tub was considered an extravagant luxury.

Just a random wondering.