Hostel Happenings #2 – naughty, icky boys.

One of the night watchmen* is a 23 y.o. ex-U.S. marine who has been at the hostel roughly 6 weeks. Back around Xmas/NY I saw him out at one of the clubs and he and this tiny girl (he’s around the 6′ mark) were sucking each others face off on the dancefloor. So naturally I took to throwing ice at them. He twigged, saw me, we laughed at each other and he returned to sucking face while I continued on with my girlfriends.

Fast forward to work the next evening. He comes out and starts moaning about how he didn’t get lucky the night before and asks why-oh-why didn’t she come home with him (which she technically did since she was staying at the hostel – she just didn’t go home with him). So I filled him in on how there are girls out there that are just up for the dirty dancefloor pash, but are in no way prepared to go home and sleep with some random guy. This mystifies him. He goes on to blame me (jokingly) for not looking out for him and letting him get into trouble while out partying. So the running joke now is, as a result of my absence, I am responsible for a grown man-boy’s drunk indiscretions.

Anyway, this whole joking thing has somehow evolved into me being a combination of his pimp, mother, and agony aunt.

The latest story is a few days ago he managed to get a blow job off a Scottish girl staying a few nights at the hostel. Yes. I get told what he got and where he got it. I now no longer want to sit on a specific couch in reception. I get asked as to when she is staying until and he proceeds to avoid her the rest of her stay. Which isn’t surprising because man-boys are dicks.

What puzzles me is why do they share these things with me?

I suspect I have encouraged it by not overly reacting to what they do tell me. So maybe they think it’s ok. I dunno. Doesn’t really matter because I end up with a wealth of fodder for interesting stories.

*Night watchman – person responsible for hostel security, late check-ins, early check-outs and general cleaning from 10pm – 7am.


Wants, haves and needs…


This is the second FB status of this sort that I have seen since the New Year. Different person though. If she’d left out the bit about wanting a man then perhaps it wouldn’t sound so desperate. But she didn’t leave it out. Couple this status update with what I know about this person – she does need a job but lives off the allowance her ex gives her for the kids while moaning about no one giving her a job. She also lives well beyond her means because that’s all she knows.

As to having a room to rent, I’m going to direct her to or some similar rental/share housing site.

See, I am attempting to cancel out my bitchiness by being helpful. I am just a little bit ashamed of myself.

Happy New Year!…

I just had to go back and check that I hadn’t posted since last year. I sucked last year for posting. Perhaps I’ll suck this year too but hey, I have the best of intentions 🙂

At work right now, which is reception at a backpackers hostel. After being screwed over in my last job, I found every man and his dog was out there competing with me for an admin/accounts position. So I’ve ended up going back to what I did when I first moved here. Now, I love it – backpackers are generally chilled out people, who just want to do things and have fun and that’s what I’m paid to help them do. A few people stick around long-term and it ends up like working with all your favourite family members who just like to get pissed most of the time. Plus the guys generally wander around the hostel in nothing but low-slung board shorts.

Only down side is it’s basic wage. Plus any commision I make selling tours to guests, but since it’s the low season that’s a bit of a challenge. So in the end I’m just scraping by. I need to try get some freelance work or something. My plans for this year are gonna require a large amount of savings. I have two weddings (best friend’s and my brother’s – the latter of which I think is going to be in Fiji) and want to visit my parents in PNG and grandparents in Brisbane. Add to that car repairs/services, registration – this car is costing me more than she is worth but I can’t afford a new one 😦

I’ll have to get through it somehow…

*pause for intermission*

I’m still at work and right now a bit shaken up – one our long-term guests just had an epilectic seizure in reception. It was pretty bad. We got him to the floor on his side and with a pillow under his head but he went blue in the face so we called the ambulance. They took him to the hospital and my bus driver went with them. But someone still had to drive the bus into town so I decided to do it. And now there is a great big dent, like 3 foot long along the bottom of the driver’s side. :(:(:( My boss is gonna be pissed. (The dent is there because I didn’t take into account a great big coconut tree on the side of the driveway).

Important thing though is that the guy is ok. I just have to be a bit cooler under stressed conditions and not drive the work bus.

Things I would tell my 18 y.o. self.

A blogger I follow, the lovely Miss Catherinette, posted her list of things she will never do over here. She asked what our list of no-nos were, and my comment turned into a list of “things I had promised my 18y.o. self I wouldn’t do“, and how I had failed in that regard.

To wit:

I swore I would never do anal. Then I went bat-shit crazy and did few things I promised my 18y.o. self I would never do. Do I regret it? Absolutely. What have I learnt? Don’t be going bat-shit crazy again. Sure fire way to lose your self-respect. So I guess thats at the top of my list. I will NOT go bat-shit crazy ever again.

Other things I promised my 18y.o. self:

  • no sex before marriage (BAHAHAHAHA!)
  • never dye my hair (I was a bottle blonde 2009-2010)
  • The man I marry I will have known 7 years before we actually marry. (The guy I was with over 7 years – we didn’t marry and it inevitably ended. Last year I got engaged to a guy I knew 2 months. Yeah, that ended well too.)

As to things I will NOT do now (because I’ve got this plethora of experience *insert a tinge of sarcasm*):

  • I will never choose a man over my family. He either becomes one of the family, or takes a hike in my opinion. I’ve made the painful mistake of putting a man before everyone else, including myself. Twice. Yeah, I obviously have a thick skull. A lesson learned late but better than never.
  • I will not bungy jump again. Did it. Freaked out. Ticked off my bucket list.
  • I will never get a credit card again. I had one in my 20’s (again after promising my 18y.o. self I wouldn’t). Thankfully I’ve rid myself of it and am going to keep it that way. No matter how tempted I am to buy a dress from modcloth.
  • I will never eat durian. Its a large tropical fruit that smells like rotten flesh. I can’t believe people eat it. Just makes me want to dry retch. I can’t be within 12 feet of it, its that disgusting and over-powering. *Bleurgh*
  • I will not scuba dive to 50+m for any reason. Even to see the Titanic with my own eyes. There is no valid reason to go beyond 50m in my opinion. Except to, y’know, recover something important or someone. And in those cases you better be a professional. So I guess I should re-iterate that to say there is no valid reason for me to go beyond 50m.
  • I will not take any drug that I suspect was made in a garage lab or variation of such. I just cannot fathom putting something in my body that I do not know, or cannot find, the exact composition of. OTC and prescription drugs for me all the way LOL.

Hmm, funny how when I think about things I will not do, its mostly things that I have and swear never to do again. I’d like to say that it’s mostly because I will try anything once in the spirit of adventure and openmindedness. But alas, there are things I have done which in fact, were just pure stupidity.

Anyone else have things they will never do? Or they’ve done things they never would have imagined when we were all sweet and young?

Looks like I left my brain in bed this morning.

Just arrived at work to realise I’ve forgotten bread for my lunch and my water bottle. Add to this that I didn’t have time to do my makeup and I forgot to grab a hair tie for the gym this afternoon. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

We’ll file that under #firstworldproblems. There really are an infinite number of reasons why I’m fortunate this morning.
It’s my own fault – I really should get up earlier. I’m certainly awake early enough. Chronic snooze button presser here.

I did 2 gym classes yesterday afternoon. Another first for me. I did a Kick class followed by a Core Strengthening class. Wee bit achy today. Tomorrow is gonna be the killer. Maybe. Maybe not, since the plan is to just keep exercising through it. My girl B wants me to go to Ride with her this afternoon. So far I have managed to avoid Ride – I just can’t keep up. But I do know its the best thing for fat-burning.

I’m reading a book on Bipolar at the moment and it mentions research that has shown that exercise increases brain size. Well I’m still waiting for that because right now I’m misspelling at least one word a sentence. 😛

The highlight of my Sunday.

Showing my 8 y.o. niece how to put contact on her school books and doing spelling bees with both nieces in the pool.
Was impressed by the younger niece – she mastered the contacting school books. Something that most people struggle with at any age LOL. She is so excited about starting Grade 3. ❤

What? It’s the 11th already?!

I made a resolution to post regularly and so far have gotten off to a slow start. Doesn’t matter, I have the whole rest of the year to make up for it. Or do I?

I definitely think tome goes faster the older we get. Especially when we are head down arse up at work. Which, considering I was unemployed this time last year, I’m not complaining about.

I like what I am doing now – well, apart from the lack of permanence that comes with being a temp. So far I have been happily oblivious to office politics and would like to stay that way. Unfortunately I don’t think it will stay that way. Especially after today.

I got a call this mornin from one of the business services supervisors and was asked if I had much on. Well I have a bit on but I would be happy to help, was my answer. The request turned our to be this massive task of printing and collating data on projects specific to my work unit. I had committed myself though – I wanted to make a good impression on someone likely to have a say in extending my contract. Well…

Someone in my work unit saw me printing away and asked what I was doing. Fair call since ordinarily I don’t have any reason to be looking at these particular files. This lead to this person querying with the unit manager why I was asked to do this, and I was told to halt the job until they found out why.

See the key issue here is it’s not clear to me who my chain of command is. This isn’t entirely my fault as our unit structure is under review.

To sum up, I hope they sort it out without mud sticking to me. I need this job. I don’t need to get drawn into office politics.