Introducing Miss Haych (V.2012).

Yes original I know, setting up a blog to document all the great changes one foresees for themselves in the year to come. Slap me if I ever claim to be original.

I will say I’ve had a hell of a couple of years and this 30-something Australian woman is determined to grab a map and actually use it.

This blog is to share the more interesting tidbits of the year ahead. Amongst my aims is to remain single, focus on my career (or at least build on what remnants I have left) and finish this bloody accounting degree I started when the GFC hit and I found myself suddenly un-employed. Happy to say I am employed now albeit as a temp. Thus I can’t rest on my laurels in that department. As to relationships, well they have been more trouble than worthwhile for me in the last 2.5 years and before that there was 11 years of fondly-remembered mediocrity. So a hiatus in that department is long overdue.

Yep its all about me (and whatever random stuff grabs my fancy).

If you would like to know more, ask. If you actually read this much then thank you for your time.


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