Hostel Happenings #2 – naughty, icky boys.

One of the night watchmen* is a 23 y.o. ex-U.S. marine who has been at the hostel roughly 6 weeks. Back around Xmas/NY I saw him out at one of the clubs and he and this tiny girl (he’s around the 6′ mark) were sucking each others face off on the dancefloor. So naturally I took to throwing ice at them. He twigged, saw me, we laughed at each other and he returned to sucking face while I continued on with my girlfriends.

Fast forward to work the next evening. He comes out and starts moaning about how he didn’t get lucky the night before and asks why-oh-why didn’t she come home with him (which she technically did since she was staying at the hostel – she just didn’t go home with him). So I filled him in on how there are girls out there that are just up for the dirty dancefloor pash, but are in no way prepared to go home and sleep with some random guy. This mystifies him. He goes on to blame me (jokingly) for not looking out for him and letting him get into trouble while out partying. So the running joke now is, as a result of my absence, I am responsible for a grown man-boy’s drunk indiscretions.

Anyway, this whole joking thing has somehow evolved into me being a combination of his pimp, mother, and agony aunt.

The latest story is a few days ago he managed to get a blow job off a Scottish girl staying a few nights at the hostel. Yes. I get told what he got and where he got it. I now no longer want to sit on a specific couch in reception. I get asked as to when she is staying until and he proceeds to avoid her the rest of her stay. Which isn’t surprising because man-boys are dicks.

What puzzles me is why do they share these things with me?

I suspect I have encouraged it by not overly reacting to what they do tell me. So maybe they think it’s ok. I dunno. Doesn’t really matter because I end up with a wealth of fodder for interesting stories.

*Night watchman – person responsible for hostel security, late check-ins, early check-outs and general cleaning from 10pm – 7am.


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