Why are we women stupid?

A girlfriend of mine just posted that she is in a relationship… with her ex fiancé… who only a few weeks ago she caught out cheating and he emptied her bank account on his way to the other side of the country.



And I believe I can say that, because I’ve done it myself. I’ve been that stupid. Mind you, my ex-fiancé didn’t cheat or fleece me of any money. He was just a selfish bastard. But still.

I haven’t been close to this friend in over a year. Since she first got together with this guy actually. Yep, he is one of those control freaks who like to closet their woman away from her friends and old life. So. I feel guilt that I am not close to her anymore (although it does go both ways). I feel I should help her but I know that whatever I say will not make a difference. I always ask myself, why didn’t my friends come to me when I was miserable with my ex-fiancé? But I also know that the answer is I just would have defended him. The only way to get out of those controlling relationships is to realize you yourself have the power to change things. And you will be better off without him/it.


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