Yay for new beginnings!

I’ve got a job! *happy feet shuffle*

Yesterday I interviewed for an Assistant Accountant position for a large shipyard and 2 hours later I had the call offering me the position. 😀

I thought it was a good sign when she pulled the GM in to meet me towards the end of the interview. Plus, turns out my interviewer (i.e. my new supervisor, the Financial Controller) knows my current supervisor (that’s how small Cairns is). In the interview I had said I would give 2 weeks notice as a courtesy to my current supervisor, but when she called for my reference my current supervisor said a week’s notice was more than enough. So yeah, starting the new job Tuesday next week. I have the impression they really want me with end of financial year approaching.

I’m sooo happy I got it – it sounds like exactly the job I need at this stage of my ‘career’. Plus, after 3 months probation I’m permanent which means I get leave entitlements finally. And there is opportunity to take on more responsibility over time because my new supervisor said she will need to start delegating down as the company directors want her in a higher duties role.

So YAY all round. I don’t have to worry about spending anytime unemployed, which was a possibility after my contract end date on the 29th June. I’m so grateful and thankful.

Now. Here’s to hoping I can cram enough to pass this Tax Law exam tomorrow night. Gah!!!


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