On the (job) hunt.

So I’m on the job hunt at the moment (temp contract not being renewed and all). Really I should be focusing on my final tax exam this coming Wednesday, but no, I’m procrastinating on that so I’m setting myself up for ridiculous pressure and stress over the next few days…

Anyway, regarding the job hunt – I’ve applied for a few jobs. Two with mining personnel supply agencies. These I’m not really banking on much because they would require relocating. But I thought I’d give them a go. Another two I’ve applied for I’m really hopeful for.

There’s one as a billing & recharge clerk at an oil & gas exploration company. The position seems right up my alley as it’s reconciling historical project costs and investigative accounting. Add that it is a multinational organisation (albeit a relatively small one) which suggests to me there is room for progression if I get in. So yes, keen on that one. Sent in my resume on Wednesday after talking to the lady doing the hiring (I hate calling about job ads – never really sure what to ask and feel like an idiot as I end up um’ing and ah’ing a bit). They are looking at the applications next week and interviewing not long after that.

Now the other one, is an accounts assistant at a large shipyard and slipway company. The job covers a variety of tasks, many of which I have experience in AND it asked specifically asks for experience in an accounting software that I have been working with daily for the last 6 months. My mum found the ad. Thank goodness as I think I’d be awesome for it.

Anyway, I sent my resume in late Wednesday… and got a call first thing the next day. Yup, I have an interview this Monday. Fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes crossed they like me because I really want the job. I think it has the potential to give me heaps of experience in accounting/finance, beyond accounts payable. Like getting into reporting etc.

So yeah. *Hopeful* 🙂


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