I’m currently having a run of stuff-ups at work. I had the
responsibility of timesheet entry and leave management handed over to me a few weeks ago. First up, it took me a good 2-3 weeks to get my head around what this entails and understood exactly what I had to do on certain days etc. But then!! Then, Easter happens. And we have ANZAC day next week. And these holidays just throw a spanner in the workings of the usual deadlines. So, while I think I’ve got a handle on all the changed deadlines, I keep finding, or have pointed out to me, all this silly mistakes I am making. ARGH!!!

Those out there who know much about me, know that I am a perfectionist of the highest order and whenever I make the smallest mistake, I beat myself up to the N’th degree.

I am getting better though. Instead of dropping the ball, I’m learning to juggle it a bit and get it back under control. šŸ˜›

Anyway. I need to pay my flist some attention. I’ve been reading posts from my flist on my mobile because I haven’t taken the time to sit at my computer. And commenting or replying to posts is rather cumbersome on my mobile.

I haven’t hopped on my computer much because I’ve been hooked in by The Voice. Yeah. It’s been years since I watched Australian idol, and I have no interest in Australia’s Got Talent, largely because I’m not a fan of the judges. The only other reality show I can watch is Biggest Loser and even that I don’t go out of my way to catch every episode. I end up losing interest by the time it gets to the pointy end of the competition. But something about The Voice made me check it out Sunday night. And I’ve been well and truly hooked. Love Joel and Keith, Seal I’m unsure of (loved him back in the day but I think he may have an inflated sense of his relevance these days), and Delta is doing herself no favours. And she’s sooo skinny!!! How does that girl not blow away when a fan is switched on?!


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