Uni; animals; new sim card…

Howdy, howdy, howdy.

Uni is owning me right now. Tax law is full on, and this Friday night I start a block subject which takes up several weekends over the next 2 months. Why do I do this to myself – BAH!

Ivy the kitten is also pretty high maintenance at the moment. Since she is holed up all day, I want to make sure she gets lots of quality play time when I am home. And she is extremely inquisitive. She has progressed to climbing the internal stairwell to explore my landlord’s living area, DESPITE a huge Labrador sitting at the top of the stairs. LOL. She just skirts around Heidi (the dog) and goes exploring. Heidi is exceptionally trained and has a careful personality. She sits there watching Ivy, almost trembling at times with curiosity hehehe. It’s only when Ivy gets out of her line of sight that she gets up and follows her. Last night I could hold Ivy in my arms and get her within inches of Heidi’s snout and there was no complaint from either animal. So yeah, I think they’ll be friends soon enough.

Now the rest of this post is regarding the ex so feel free to ignore. I am sure I harp on a fair bit, but I am getting better…

So, you know how my ex texts me every few week or so? The last one being Sunday’s sob story, apology, an "I’ll always be here for you", and a request that I be nice and let him talk to me.

Well, I got a new sim card yesterday (I have a pre-paid mobile). AND deactivated my old number. Yup. Decided it was time. I was ready. I would have thought that ignoring his messages and calls for 5 months would indicate that I clearly didn’t want to talk to him. But hey, it seems there are some really dense people in the world. *shrug*

It’s a weird relief, mixed with some residual guilt because, well part of me feels like its a mean thing to do. But, as I keep reminding myself, he was mean to me countless times and I kept letting him get away with it.

Nope. Don’t want him in my life and since he persists in contacting me on occasion, it just had to be done.

Now the only thing he knows about me is where I live. But I’ll put money on him being too much of a coward to come near me there. Especially when he finds out my number is disconnected. Yup. *firm nod*


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