Stupid stubborn headache…

It’s one of those relatively mild, niggly headaches which just don’t seem to go away. I took so ibuprofen about 2 hours ago but it seems to be wearing off now. And I have been chugging water like an elephant. So for the 3rd time since lunch, I need to pee.

Had my tax law test last night. I went OK except that I didn’t really finish it. I write too much. Like a paragraph for a single mark question. I suspect because I am not 100% sure of the answer, so I meander about until the main point clicks into place. Obviously I am going to have to spend some time practising answering exam questions.

Off to the gym for a Ride/Spin class soon. Not enthused but need to do some exercise. Won’t be getting in any tomorrow as I’m heading down to Innisfail overnight for a bbq at a girlfriend’s place. Apparently we are also going to head in to ‘town’ and check out the nightlife in the "’Vale" LOL. Will be interesting, especially as I’m sticking by my New Year’s Resolution of no alcohol this year. I’m doing well with that so "go me"! 😀


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