Bloody mozzies.

Hello, hello. How’s things in your parts? Its grey and wet here in Sunny Tropical Far North Queensland 😛

The weather isn’t bothering me. What is, are the mosquitoes.

Now, growing up in Papua New Guinea mozzies were a part of life. They are still a part of life here in Cairns. But when I hop in the car in the morning and am followed by at least a dozen mozzies? They’re small but somehow they are obviously a super breed because you don’t have to sit still for them to land and successfully plant their proboscis in you. Oh no. You just need to have that sweet warm life juice flowing through you.

I also get accosted as I hop out of my car at home. Like I step out and I already have a sucker on my shoulder sucking up my blood, which I immediately thwack. And when I went upstairs to put my laundry in the machine? Yes then as well. Often I feel the bite before I see them. Well, apart from when they are swarming around me as I hop into my car of a morning.

But understand – this mozzie assault doesn’t happen everywhere I go. Just at home. I would expect it in the dense wet rainforest where its survival of the fittest for mozzies. It shouldn’t be happening in ‘suburbia’. But it is. And there are several reasons.
A) The house I live in backs right up onto a drainage gully. Which because of the rain, is full of water right now.
B) the house is hemmed in by lots of tropical rainforest trees and bushes.
C) (And likely the most important reason) My landlords do not cut the grass or trim any of the surrounding foliage on their land. Hence, lots of nooks and crannies for mozzies to breed and multiply.

My landlord did cut the grass yesterday. It was only 12 inches high. @@

I’m sure if it wasn’t for the mozzies he probably would have left it longer. -.-


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