Back in the day…

So tired today. Hangover from the night before last. No I wasn’t drinking 🙂 So far, that New Year resolution is going well. Nothing since NYE. Well, apart from that one jello shot I mouthed last weekend but that was just to show that I knew how to do a jello shot. I didn’t swallow so it doesn’t count as alcohol LOL

(BTW the rest of the New Year resolutions are doing well too. Well, apart from the eating more veges hehe)

The night before last my cousin Juanita was in town and we caught up. We were up talking until after midnight. It was good. When my parents first sent me to Australia for schooling at 11, I shared a bedroom with her for 2 years. Back then we had little love for each other. We were so different. She’s a Leo, I’m an Aquarius. She was Miss Cool and Popular, I was the bookworm, the quiet smart one. But people would always say we were like twins because we were only 6 months apart and looked so much alike. We hated that LOL. Don’t get me wrong, there were good times. Its not like we hated each other as kids. We were just different.

After those 2 years I went home for awhile, before going back to Australia to live with another set of cousins on the other side of the city. Back then, before mobiles and Facebook, we lost touch with each other. Once or twice I recall seeing her in our teens but we were still very different from each other. She skipped school all the time, hung out with older kids and had gotten in with a bad crowd. I was still the quiet academic one, naive to all the things she was doing.

So fast forward 20 years (and thanks to FB) we’ve reconnected. She is a sales rep down on the Gold Coast and every few months she drives up the coast for work. I usually get a day’s notice that she is going to be in town and she only has a few hours at night to spare. But that’s all we need. We talk about each of our journey’s through the years and find, although we are still fairly different characters – she is a surfie chick at heart and I’m still the more conservative one – we have a deep connection and more in common than we thought. I found out she was diagnosed as bipolar and then later ADHD in her twenties. She went through 2 domestically violent relationships, and self-medicated with drugs up until a few years ago when she was sexually assaulted on the side of a highway. She cleaned up, got help and has learnt to manage her condition while still enjoying things like volunteering at fringe music festivals.

We sit and talk about family, cousins and experiences and quite often one of us will start explaining a feeling and the other jumps in and just ‘gets’ it. 🙂
I love my Juan’. Reconnecting with people like her after so many years just gives me this feeling of going back to the beginning. There is that reflection on the journey I have taken over the years. And I find myself thinking… we are all doing okay 🙂


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