Happy V-Day Lovelies

This is kinda ironic coming from a born-again alcohol-virgin. Who still remembers how good Cosmos are.

I realise its been 3 weeks since I’ve posted. All’s well. Gym most days after work. Still temping – right now I have the gig until the 14th March. Job is going well though and my supervisor said they’ll probably extend me further.

Almost crossed paths with my ex weekend before last. Shook me up (ridiculous I know – apparently I’m still greiving my relationship with that asshole), and then I got thoroughly depressed for the next 4-5 days because I had my bloody birhtday. FYI I am not a fan of my birthday. I appreciate the best wishes and all, but I have this habit of self-flagelating when I look back over the past year since the last anniversary of my birth. Yes, I make each year worse by remembering how much I hated the previous year’s birthday LOL.

That said, this year was nice – dinner with my brother’s family, my mother and my No.1 GF. Quiet, understated and with people who are always there for me and that I love to death.

Saw the psychiartist today. All good there. Put my hand up to participate in a group therapy/education program for bipolars. Should be interesting. Doc said to see how I go – sometimes these things are counter-productive. As I said, it’ll be interesting.

Mum’s been down the last 2 weeks or so. Hence I’ve hardly be home alone and able to post lately. Also this week Mum and I are looking after my neices as their parents have gone on a New Zealand cruise. Yeah lucky them, hehe.

Na, I like hanging out with my neices. They ask me to tuck them in and I give them various biology and physic lessons in leui of bedtime stories. And we go to Target and do impromptu fashion shows in the ladies shoe section. Oh and on Sunday we went to a roller rink. LOVED IT LOL


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