Things I would tell my 18 y.o. self.

A blogger I follow, the lovely Miss Catherinette, posted her list of things she will never do over here. She asked what our list of no-nos were, and my comment turned into a list of “things I had promised my 18y.o. self I wouldn’t do“, and how I had failed in that regard.

To wit:

I swore I would never do anal. Then I went bat-shit crazy and did few things I promised my 18y.o. self I would never do. Do I regret it? Absolutely. What have I learnt? Don’t be going bat-shit crazy again. Sure fire way to lose your self-respect. So I guess thats at the top of my list. I will NOT go bat-shit crazy ever again.

Other things I promised my 18y.o. self:

  • no sex before marriage (BAHAHAHAHA!)
  • never dye my hair (I was a bottle blonde 2009-2010)
  • The man I marry I will have known 7 years before we actually marry. (The guy I was with over 7 years – we didn’t marry and it inevitably ended. Last year I got engaged to a guy I knew 2 months. Yeah, that ended well too.)

As to things I will NOT do now (because I’ve got this plethora of experience *insert a tinge of sarcasm*):

  • I will never choose a man over my family. He either becomes one of the family, or takes a hike in my opinion. I’ve made the painful mistake of putting a man before everyone else, including myself. Twice. Yeah, I obviously have a thick skull. A lesson learned late but better than never.
  • I will not bungy jump again. Did it. Freaked out. Ticked off my bucket list.
  • I will never get a credit card again. I had one in my 20’s (again after promising my 18y.o. self I wouldn’t). Thankfully I’ve rid myself of it and am going to keep it that way. No matter how tempted I am to buy a dress from modcloth.
  • I will never eat durian. Its a large tropical fruit that smells like rotten flesh. I can’t believe people eat it. Just makes me want to dry retch. I can’t be within 12 feet of it, its that disgusting and over-powering. *Bleurgh*
  • I will not scuba dive to 50+m for any reason. Even to see the Titanic with my own eyes. There is no valid reason to go beyond 50m in my opinion. Except to, y’know, recover something important or someone. And in those cases you better be a professional. So I guess I should re-iterate that to say there is no valid reason for me to go beyond 50m.
  • I will not take any drug that I suspect was made in a garage lab or variation of such. I just cannot fathom putting something in my body that I do not know, or cannot find, the exact composition of. OTC and prescription drugs for me all the way LOL.

Hmm, funny how when I think about things I will not do, its mostly things that I have and swear never to do again. I’d like to say that it’s mostly because I will try anything once in the spirit of adventure and openmindedness. But alas, there are things I have done which in fact, were just pure stupidity.

Anyone else have things they will never do? Or they’ve done things they never would have imagined when we were all sweet and young?


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