Looks like I left my brain in bed this morning.

Just arrived at work to realise I’ve forgotten bread for my lunch and my water bottle. Add to this that I didn’t have time to do my makeup and I forgot to grab a hair tie for the gym this afternoon. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

We’ll file that under #firstworldproblems. There really are an infinite number of reasons why I’m fortunate this morning.
It’s my own fault – I really should get up earlier. I’m certainly awake early enough. Chronic snooze button presser here.

I did 2 gym classes yesterday afternoon. Another first for me. I did a Kick class followed by a Core Strengthening class. Wee bit achy today. Tomorrow is gonna be the killer. Maybe. Maybe not, since the plan is to just keep exercising through it. My girl B wants me to go to Ride with her this afternoon. So far I have managed to avoid Ride – I just can’t keep up. But I do know its the best thing for fat-burning.

I’m reading a book on Bipolar at the moment and it mentions research that has shown that exercise increases brain size. Well I’m still waiting for that because right now I’m misspelling at least one word a sentence. πŸ˜›


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