What? It’s the 11th already?!

I made a resolution to post regularly and so far have gotten off to a slow start. Doesn’t matter, I have the whole rest of the year to make up for it. Or do I?

I definitely think tome goes faster the older we get. Especially when we are head down arse up at work. Which, considering I was unemployed this time last year, I’m not complaining about.

I like what I am doing now – well, apart from the lack of permanence that comes with being a temp. So far I have been happily oblivious to office politics and would like to stay that way. Unfortunately I don’t think it will stay that way. Especially after today.

I got a call this mornin from one of the business services supervisors and was asked if I had much on. Well I have a bit on but I would be happy to help, was my answer. The request turned our to be this massive task of printing and collating data on projects specific to my work unit. I had committed myself though – I wanted to make a good impression on someone likely to have a say in extending my contract. Well…

Someone in my work unit saw me printing away and asked what I was doing. Fair call since ordinarily I don’t have any reason to be looking at these particular files. This lead to this person querying with the unit manager why I was asked to do this, and I was told to halt the job until they found out why.

See the key issue here is it’s not clear to me who my chain of command is. This isn’t entirely my fault as our unit structure is under review.

To sum up, I hope they sort it out without mud sticking to me. I need this job. I don’t need to get drawn into office politics.


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